Sunday, March 1, 2009

Painted Mica Tutorial

After seeing this technique in the latest issue of Polymer Clay, I just had to try it. Winning a prize packet of jewelry pieces didn't hurt my enthusiasm either! Here goes.

You will need:

Sculpey pearl clay (1 block halved)
Metallic acrylic paints: Luminere, Deco Art, Folk Art, etc. 3-4 colors
Mica powders (colors similar to paints chosen)
Pasta machine
Assorted cutters
Sculpey Glaze (I used gloss)

1. Condition clay on 3rd largest setting. Cut final extraction about a 3x4 inch size.

2. Apply metallic paints in alternating stripes. NOT to thick. If too thin apply another coat when dry.

3. Roll out the other half of clay on the 2nd thickest setting on the pasta machine. This is your background layer. Set aside while cutting out shapes on painted sheet.

4. Once painted piece dries, begin cutting out shapes using the entire sheet.

5. Lay pieces on background sheet in a random fashion. Cover entire sheet, using scrap pieces if necessary.

6. Flatten both sheets with a roller (I simply used pressure from my hands) to adhere pieces together.

7. Using mica powders, brush on in areas that are still peralized, not painted to add texture. Use finger to run into the clay. When pleased with the piece, use a cloth to remove excess powder from clay.

Folk Art Metallic 655 Aquamarine, Anita's Metallic 11202 Amethyst, 11201 Rose
Luna Lights used on the second piece: Blue Nova, Planetary Purple, and Galactic Gold

8. Run the piece through the pasta machine on the last setting (2nd thickest). If this new piece doesn't please you, back down 1 setting thinner & run through again.

9. Roll into beads, cut & add to jewelry pieces, etc.

10. Bake at manufacturers directions for 30 minutes.
11. When cooled completely, add sealer.

Here's my finished products!
The pictures & scans don't do these pieces justice but you get the idea.

You'll have LOTS of clay material left over to make beads, etc. to turn your jewelry pieces into wonderful works of art. I'll be making the beads today & turn the butterfly into a necklace. The bracelet is done unless I add little beads to the jumps. The Hummingbird has got a necklace bail attached so I'll be working on that little gem as well! I'll post the completed items as I get them finished.


Dianne Q Adams said...

Thank you for the tutorial! The finished pieces you did are just beautiful. Wow!

Michelle Murphy said...

AWESOME!!! I want to play..i didn't think i wanted to get into clay but this makes me the pieces

MixedMedia said...

Nicely done, Ronnie! I've been enjoying clay lately, too. Especially yesterday when the checks rolled in for pieces I'd created just a couple weeks ago! This is a very clever technique. You should send pix to Amate and submit them for publication, too! Beautiful work!