Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Instead of the 'normal' cards I create, I decided to make one that would fit into a #10 business envelope. Since I love dragonflies, it seemed like a perfect addition. Our challenge was to use 5 repeating shapes that were punched out on a card. My scallops were too big for a normal invitation sized card, thus the card change. Turned out pretty well. I've got more in the production stage in a variety of colors. Now to decorate the envelope & I've got a card to go out in the mail!

Fact or Rumor?
Will need to check this one out but it seems 'doable' by the Post Office. The buzz is that the price of invitation sized cards will have an added charge whereas business mail #9 & #10 will remain the same as not to interrupt business mail. How LOW is that? The Post Office WANTS it's citizens to mail things but at the same time wants to PENALIZE us for doing so? I'll be checking this out for sure! Looks like all my handmade cards will become #10 sized. There is a good side to this size though, look at all the extra room you can decorate & write on!
Okay, I'm off my soapbox!

Until we meet again! Live, Love & Laugh

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