Saturday, March 28, 2009

Very Productive Day

As soon as I received my package of jewelry findings from CA, I created these beautiful Swarovski "Crystallized" Easter Eggs. The picture doesn't show the 'sparkle' these beauties have. I've got 2 sets left for sale. Contact me via email if you'd like to purchase them before Easter gets here! All the parts for these earrings was purchased from Firemountain Gems.

I began the afternoon after lunch in my studio. I just had the best time! Sammy & Subria kept checking up on me to make sure I was still alive after several hours. Both have a pet bed in my studio so they can catch some doggie naps while I work.

I started off working on my shoes for the "Sole Sistas Swap" that is due in Memphis next Saturday. I took my before pictures & the fun began. I bought some sandals at our local Goodwill I had plenty of shoe samples to choose from. I kept coming back to these sandals so that was a 'sign' that they were THE ones to be altered. Pulled out my metallic paints & started painting the strips of leather. White gesso was used on the sole since I plan something for that area. Can't spill all the beans just yet.....but when the swap hostess allows me to, I'll post the images on my blog.

Bought some metal chains today to create some necklaces. Not that I NEEDED them, but they were on SALE. Anyone knowing women, they KNOW women can't resist a sale of any kind. Okay, well perhaps a tool sale.....WAIT a minute, I'm a TOOL JUNKIE! HAha When Van goes into a tool place, I'm almost walking in his shoes! So much for manland remaining a 'man's' place.

Bought some items to work on a garden themed project. Get this, I'm NOT A GARDEN maiden! I'd rather be inside working in my studio than outside working in any garden. Not my idea of rest. Okay, granted I'm currently working with a Master Gardner to help me with my 20'x3' area that greets people when they come to our house......I've filled her in on all the questions she had for me: soil type, drainage, flowering or non-flowering.......decisions, decisions! Since I'm not a yard fairy, she's picking out bushes, etc. that require life on it's own. Left up to me, plants die in my presence! Well, soon I hope to have a nice entrance way bordering the sidewalk. BACK to the off topic a tad don'tcha think? Since I know what is typically done in a garden, my project will be just fine.......I just won't be putting it into real life practice!

The better part of the early evening went into creating some turquoise jewelry. I don't usually wire & end cap each bead but I did with these beads. Just looked so right dressed up. Dreamer was created using silver beads in-between each turquoise capped bead. I love the way it turned out. Indian Romance was created using wiggly links. This turned out beautiful as well! These items were purchased from Firemountain Gems and are completely lead free.

After several days of working on a Katie Hacker inspired piece from her book "EXPOSED" I finally finished a bracelet called Beach Front. This was a blast to make so I'll be making several in different colors. I've already had someone mention she'd love to see this in pink. Oh boy, I have lots of PINK! Heck, you name it and I've got it......probably!

I've been commissioned to create several pieces that will involve a pendant with a loved one's picture in it collaged with items they love to further personalize it. I'm always nervous creating specialize commissioned pieces. A lot of love goes into each piece I just pray that the person receiving it feels as blessed.

Tomorrow is a brand new day. I will begin working on my already ALTERED shoes. Hope to finish them by Monday night at least to have them in the mail by Tuesday morning. Of course pictures will be shot of them after the altering. The before & after pictures will be stunning.

Jamie (daughter) asked me today if I'd go to the Peter Pan ballet tomorrow at the Carl Perkins Civic Center.......I just might go! Who knows, my shoes just might grow wings & fly to Memphis!



Michelle Murphy said...

wow you have been one busy you can tell so have i have not read blog or face book in several days..i still get compliaments on wonderful set you poured all that love in..btw all the above are great

Dianne Q Adams said...

I LOVE the oceanfront piece!!! Your work is so inspiring.