Monday, May 18, 2009

Secret Artwork before CHA

It's that time again! Time when many artists are gearing up to attend the Summer CHA show in July. That means LOTS of time spent in their studios creating artwork that will hopefully catch the attention of manufacturers, publishers / edititors and the press (they are the only ones allowed in the showcase area to view table after table of wonderful creations. Each Designer who enters in the Designer Showcase will have a 6' x 2' table that is draped. We are to use this space in which to display our MONTHS of hard work. We usually come up with a color scheme that will enhance our works. While looking around at Tuesday Mornings, I found two items that I'm going to use to display my jewelry. I have to work on a proper back display to draw the eye into my area without being distracted by others tables. The rest of the table will display other medias in which I work. A place is used for others to place their business cards for future contacts.

It's at this time Designers, who are busy with creating, can't post their artwork. Weather it's on a blog, flicker, etc....once an art piece has been published, most publishers will refuse to use the piece for their publications. So, while we are still very much alive, we are busy creating! Our studios are usually torn apart as well, not to be put in order until after the CHA show. So forgive us for not posting much.

I will have surgery on my right hand Friday. That will put me down for alittle while, but HEY I do have a left hand in which I will be manipulating. I'll have surgery on my left hand when the CHA show is over. That surgery will set me back longer than my right hand. AM I working too hard? :-)

While working on items for the CHA show....... the Jackson Artiscape VI is in a few weeks! Projects galore are planned for those who will be attending! A few surprises too!

Ciao for now!


Michelle Murphy said...

i know that you have been working hard..glad to hear that you are going to cha this summer..can't wait to see what you ladies have instored for the day in jackson..i need a day of play

Dianne Q Adams said...

I know you're busy even with one hand!! Your booth will be great.

tricia said...

Wish I was going with yal. Maybe winter show I will be able to go. I wish you lots of luck with the show and with surgery. I will be thinking of you.