Saturday, June 27, 2009

Digitizing Travel Slides

Long ago, while living in Africa & Spain, photos were taken of our day trips around the countryside. These pictures were pretty much kept hidden since they were in the form of slides. Dad took so many pictures that it was cheaper to store the negatives in the form of slides. We used to have a projector years ago.......but that was just the was years ago! Some of the pictures were taken from the car window as Dad had to travel from place to place. American military personnel were not ALLOWED to stop on certain routes thus the picture taking from the car window; running out of gas was NOT an option. I will post from time to time the places/events with a peek of a photo. Americans were frowned upon in Africa while we were there..... 1960's.

Recently we bought a film slide digital converter so we could digitize the photos and bring the long ago taken photos back to life. While this takes hours to do (many slides!) it's amazing seeing me & my siblings in the mist of beautiful scenery. It's a labor of pure joy.

I plan on cleaning the slide images (some were scratched during their years of storage), naming the places as indicated on the slide fronts (thanks to mom's beautiful writing), and storing them on a CD(s) as a Christmas present for mom & dad. Of course us kids will want a CD as well. :-)

Thanks to mom & dad for having this chance to relive long lost memories!


Dianne Q Adams said...

What a treasure you have! I look forward to seeing some as you share.

Subriagirl said...

Dianne, I'm having a blast getting the pictures on the computer. After getting them all scanned, the work begins in cleaning them up (removing any scratches, etc.). I'll put up a few for everyone to see! Huggs girlfriend, Ronnie