Sunday, June 28, 2009

ATC Shrine

At the Jackson Artiscape, RockCandy Designs taught a TERRIFIC class!

On the top shelf is a rolled up scroll with a nip; second shelf has some wooden beads mounted on it; the picture is from RockCandy's new CD; below the picture is a itty bitty glass bottle with gold shreds & blk twisted beads; torn German bill; polished stone, triple stacked beads; the bottom shelf has assorted foriegn coins; trimmed on the edges are RockCandy's new copper foil trim.

Needless to say, I bought just about every wood laser kit they had plus about 4 more of the ATC Shrines I plan on making my family members for Christmas.

Here's my ATC Shrine I created. All materials available through RockCandy!

I have another one started that I plan on using my dad sitting on a piano's a classic shot! I'll post it when I'm done.

Check out the WONDERFUL work created with their products on their blog at:


Dianne Q Adams said...

Great piece. Will you be at M3? Hope you bring some of your stuff so I can see it up close and personal!!

Subriagirl said...

WILL I BE AT M3? Oh come on Dianne, would I miss an event like that? I'll be there for the WHOLE event! Remind me & I'll bring my know the ole memory bank isn't what it used to be!