Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Sample of recycling!

This set was made with black polymer clay that was molded into the bezels. Two dear friends gave me some natural colored egg shells to play with.....of course I turned mine into jewelry! Breaking the egg shells in tiny pieces I used tweezers to place the shells where I wanted them. This actually was time consuming. When I was pleased with the placement of the tiny shell pieces, I heated my toaster oven to 275 & baked the clay in the bezels for approx. 15 minutes. After the pieces cooled down, I poured some glossy accents on the top to protect the clay & the shells and add a really wonderful shine.

The necklace & earrings were bought at a thrift store. I removed the plastic pieces from the bezels to provide a nice place to create the Shellz jewelry shown here.


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Dianne Q. Adams said...

Genius! These pieces are beautiful.