Friday, November 20, 2009

CHA Hong Kong Display

Well CHA time is nearing once again......and again I find myself busier than an artist should be. Just the price one pays for the love of creating!

CHA displays this year will be Global! 30+ Designers have chosen countries to represent. I have chosen Hong Kong. Our displays will be areas: 1 foot deep; 1.5' wide and 3' high. We are to briefly tell about the culture and how art fits in. After contacting a vendor from Hong Kong, I have a pretty strong idea of what I'll be doing. I'm excited about the whole aspect & pray my display will do Hong Kong proud! The vendor is "Dove of the East" which has the prettiest papers I've seen in a long time......their embellishments are amazing. I'll also be using Artbeads to make jewelry from Hong Kong's jade amulets, etc. This is going to be a blast! When the goodies come in from Hong Kong......I'll take a picture of it......then AFTER the show, I'll take a picture of the projects made with the goodies.

On top of this, I'll be setting up a Designer's Showcase so the work has already begun! The winter CHA show is towards the end of January so I'm calling it a delayed birthday present!

Just pulled off 2 jewelry shows back to back........and am ready to get down to creating!

Supper at Los Portales, then bedtime......getting up early to head to Memphis, TN for a morning of creating. Then back to Jackson to finish working the Christmas Cottage and help tear down the displays, etc.

Until then....
Create ON!

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