Friday, December 18, 2009

Work Ahead!

I'm beside my these days just knowing what all I have to accomplish over the Christmas break from work! The fact I've been plagued with a few minor health issues; Left arm; Tennis elbow and Right Hand: de quervain's tenosynovitis. Both limbs have either a splint or cuff on them making me look pretty pitiful.......BUT this will not STOP me, only SLOW me down! Healing will take place 4-6 weeks IF I wear both cuff/split 24 hours a day. It helps to take a break from the restraints from time to time. Things to do:
  • Photo shoot for items made from Artbeads materials! Since visiting the Murano glass factory in Venice I've been fascinated with the glass pieces. I bought several pieces while there. Since going back right now is pretty much out of the question, Artbeads has some wonderful pieces of Murano glass imported from Venice. I like to know if I'm getting the real deal!! Will take photos of it this weekend & post the pictures on my blog.
  • Doveen of Doves of the East from Hong Kong is sending me some pieces of Jade to use in the Global display at the 2010 Winter CHA show in Anaheim, CA the later part of January. I'm sketching on paper what I'm going to design for this event.
  • Creating a backdrop for the display that will be transport friendly since we'll be flying to CA. YES, Van is coming with booked & flight reserved! CHA 2010 here we come!!
  • Designer Showcase items!!! Got several items sketched out, now the time off to get them created & finished!
  • Reservations for Sammy to be boarded the week we are gone. I don't know WHO it'll be harder or him!!! He's going to Countryview Kennels here in Jackson. A good friend at work told me she trusted her baby there......Subria will be staying at Grandma's house where she's taken care of like I would! Gremlin will be staying at the house with my brother looking in on him & patting a head every day......please Danny!! haha
  • Jewelry to make to post to online store! Making the pieces is so much fun.....but it's WORK to edit them in photoshop & do the write-ups and is very time consuming......Not complaining (ok, not much!)....I love seeing my work out there for others to purchase if they wish.

Most of my time will be spent on preparing for CHA but also plenty of time will be spent going to church and fellow shipping with family.

Merry Christmas!!

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Dianne said...

You sound like one busy woman! Take care of yourself. You work looks great.