Sunday, December 27, 2009

Commissioned Order

I was asked to create 2 necklace/earring sets for 2 lovely daughters. Their mom had bought a lovely sweater at Macys in the colors of light gray/heather gray & a goldenrod hue. While attending a Bead Show in Memphis several months ago, I remembered buying some small dark gray stones and some lighter stones with swirls of gray swishing through. PERFECT for this sweater but nowhere did I have on hand the goldenrod beads. After some searching in town, I found the goldenrod beads. The design board came out & the arrangement began. Each necklace is different as each daughter was to have their one of a kind set! Here's what I came up with.

This is the first set. The goldenrod beads are arranged in different ways. The beauty of the stones aren't seen well here....they are simply stunning in real life.

Here is the second set.

Here are some earrings to match the necklaces.

My customer loved the sets......saying she'd never would have found anything to match the sweater as good as what I had done....... Warm fuzzie!

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