Sunday, December 20, 2009

Artbeads - Venice: on common ground

The year 2002 provided me a great opportunity to visit Italy. One of the many places I visited was the Murano Glass Factory in Venice. Being a jewelry designer, this was an awesome trip!!

Imagine my delight when looking through the Artbeads online catalog, I came across some beautiful handmade Venetian glass coins! The coin is a 30 mm ruby coin. The center of the coin is splashed with metallic colors adding depth the to piece.

The true color shows up in the 1st picture.....the 2nd picture shows the ruby color to be much darker than it shows.....the piece in person is SO much better than these photos.

Not wanting to take away from the beautiful Hill Tribe silver beads, I used a black nylon chain. Two Hill Tribe brushed round beads with tiny diamond shapes cut out are suspended on the black nylon chain.

The pendant dangle shows off yet another Hill Tribe 10x19 mm stamped silver cone. From inside the cone dangling from graduated chain lengths, are tiny cube beads, each side delicately stamped with a tiny flower. The overall effect is stunning! The black nylon chains make the silver beads and the Venetian coin pop!

The final piece!

I can't thank Artbeads enough for their invitation and generosity. They carry unique beads and findings that I've never seen anywhere else. Check out their blog, Blog for Beaders, for more information and inspiration! Enjoy!

FTC Fine Print: I received the following products free of charge from Artbeads in exchange for my honest opinion on the product. I did not receive any additional compensation other than the product listed: Hill tribe silver cones/beads and the Venetian La Crima Ca'd'Oro Coin.


Diana said...

Lovely! I recently bought some of that chain and would not have thought of the way you used it. Perfect!

Subriagirl said...

Thank you Diana for your kind comment. I LOVE using the nylon chain since in CA I got a chance to be in Katie Hacker's class where we created a bracelet using it!