Thursday, February 4, 2010

Art of Possiblity Studios

While at the Craft & Hobby Association held in Anaheim, CA last week, I met a simply AMAZING lady who's showcase was close to mine. Her name is Ketra Oberlander. Founded by award-winning blind painter Ketra Oberlander, the Art of Possibility® aspires to encourage and inspire you to transcend expectation and be your best.

Art of Possibility® Studios exclusively represents physically disabled artists via license to manufacturers interested in connecting with consumers on a meaningful level and with cause oriented programs at retail.

I found in talking to Ketra a pure pleasure. Her determination is astounding to say the least. She's an entrepreneur , a hero, a friend, an amazing artist, but one thing she's not, is a victim! I got tickled when talking to her. One thing I remember most is something she said: If you live long enough, I'll get YOU! You couldn't help but laugh along with her as her sense of humor was contagious!

To all my artist friends, if you can find a way to use the material on the Art of Possibility®, I urge you to do so. When you make a purchase you are helping an artist make a living doing what they do best!

Look over Ketra's website & you'll be amazed at the bright & bold colors & the talent these artists have!

And to you Ketra, thank you for being a friend and teaching me that I must be determined & fight to obtain my dream of being a full time artist.

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Dianne said...

Thanks for the link to this wonderful website. I had to laugh when I saw the piece "My Future Thighs".