Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CHA Consumer Show: The Kids Zone!

Kathie Stull, of KS Productions, hired about 14-16 Designers to work the Kids Zone during the CHA Consumer Show. I got to meet other Designers who I've chatted with online but never met face to face. New friendships were made to boot! What a wonderful success this turned out to be!

The Kids Zone was located in the back of consumer show Friday & Saturday. Table after table was sectioned into different craft stations. There were beaded necklaces, a creepy spider (the boys LOVED this section), polymer clay octopus, wooden critters, wooden spool necklaces, button rings & pencil decorations, picture ribbon boards, silly spoons, sand art......and that is just some of what the kids got to create with! All the items were donated by the companies just for the kids!!

Thursday the Kid Zone was steady but not really all that busy. Busy enough though that going & eating a meal was out of the question! We all had water, crackers, apples, oranges stuffed in our purses to sneak a bite when our station slacked up a bit. Friday proved to be a challenge to sneak anything to drink or eat! The kids were ready to CREATE! I learned from this show that most kids belonging to parents who scrapbook or create art, have artistic kids. It was fun learning from the kids of areas in their room set up for THEM to create just like their moms! How fun!

Here's little Pearl....how sweet is this? She's wearing a crown & necklace she made at another station. Very creative little girl and what a camera ham!! At my station, we were making Silly Spoons! After she made the silly spoon, she handed me a gift: a little notebook & dried flower pencil! Mom said in their culture when you are taught something it is a gift. For learning this "gift", they in return give a gift. Learning in their culture was considered a gift. What a different outlook people here in the USA have on learning.

Working with the kids was very enduring, exciting, and an absolute gift! Anytime Kathie needs help working with the kids, I'll be there!

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