Friday, April 23, 2010

Coffee Cup Roses

FINALLY, I'm through with this collage! So many have wanted to see what I've been up to, so here it is! I can't take credit with coming up with this technique......a wonderful designer, an Eco Artist by the name of Heidi Borcher did! If you are interested in trying your own coffee cup roses, click on Heidi's name & it'll take you to her blog where she has a YouTube tutorial.

The coffee cups came from Starbucks, minus the coffee as we drank every drop before turning it into a work of art. Painted with red acrylic paint & then added a touch of red glitter for a touch of sparkle that the picture doesn't show well. The stems are simply skewers painted green. The leaves were drawn on the coffee cup sleeves, cut out & painted green. Beacon's Quick Grip was used where ever needed for a strong hold that can't be beat anywhere, believe me I KNOW!

The canvas came from a yard sale with a whopping .75 cents marked on it! Acrylic paints provide the background. The edges of the canvas are trimmed with sections of coffee cup lids graciously provided by Mifflin General with the only stipulation was to see the collage when it was done. The vase was drawn on the lid of a Pizza Hut pizza box and cut out. I stripped a layer of cardboard off to reveal the cardboard spines for added texture. Painted the vase with black Krylon and then used white webbing spray to cause the spidery lines.

Usually on Friday nights, we go to Books a Million where I get coffee, thus the Joe Muggs napkins. Using gel medium, I collaged the napkins on layer by layer to create a table like for the vase to sit on. Of course, when having coffee, I like to doctor it up. Gotta use the stirrers to stir my brew!

If you get the urge to create your own coffee cup roses, please share a picture of them with me!

Hope you enjoy!

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Roxi Phillips said...

I'm going to have to try some of these someday! Very pretty!