Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Frame IT!

I buy frames with nice wide borders whenever I come across them. The wider the better! Here's one I created during my twilight hours of NO sleep. Hey, I do make the MOST outta any situation.... :-)

  1. Coat the back, front & sides of the frame with a dark brown acrylic paint.

  2. Mod Podge was brushed on the front to adhere the scrapbook paper down.
  3. Smooth paper over frame with fingers to remove any air bubbles.

  4. Lay frame face down on cutting mat & cut paper from frame using an exacto knife.

  5. Using a sanding block, lightly sand all edges.

  6. Lightly use paint left in sponge (left over from painting frame) & lightly touch up all edges.

  7. Fabric lace ribbon was tinted with distress "Antique Photo" ink by Ranger, Inc.

  8. A selection of old buttons arranged across the ribbon.

  9. Tan wax linen thread was used to tie knots in the buttons.

  10. Beacon's Quick Grip was used to adhere the buttons on top of the frame across the ribbon.

  11. Insert your favorite TRAVEL picture & you're set to display with style!

Scrapbook paper: Rusty Pickle
Adhesives: Mod Podge Mat finish and Beacon's Quick Grip

1 comment:

Dianne said...

You do great work on no sleep! Beautiful frame.