Friday, September 10, 2010

Be PROUD Ceasar Millan!

Here's a perfect scene of HARMONY!

That's Sammy (my boy) and my brother's cat, Ivan enjoying the darkness turning into light from the pet perch in front of the window.

In order to get the wooden blinds open, Ivan started picking on the right hand side, thus the slight gap being pulled apart.....he's insistant little bugger. HAHA Note the color of the two? Don't they LOOK like family members? Ivan was spending the week with us while his parental units were tripping to VA. Here Ivan is sitting on the top rung of the little pet staircase Van made for them. Subria & Ivan use the stairs, Sammy gets a running start from the floor to the couch then to the window. sigh Some critters are just plain HARD headed!

A picture of perfect unity among species. Don't cha just wish humans behaved this well?

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Linda said...

Proof that we really can "just all get along!"