Monday, October 18, 2010

Altered Spoon Plaque

I'm always looking for new ways in which to recycle things & this suits the bill very nicely.
This class was taught by Margarite Hardy from River City Stampers.
This beautiful "Fall 2010" plaque was created this past Saturday at the "Taste 4 Art" event held in Memphis, Tennessee. Although the pictures don't do this piece the justice it deserves, I've done my best at it. Now, to tell you how to do it!


Beacon Adhesives Quick Grip
black baroque trim
thin piece of wood for the background (or board canvas will do nicely)
black & white acrylic paint
old spoon from thrift store
misc. beads
26 gauge wire to string beads
piece of fabric
clear kitchen/bathroom caulk
piece of muslin
black/brown StazOn permanent ink pad
rubber stamp with favorite saying
piece of scrap wood or foam board
sanding block
hammer & lead piece (letters & numbers optional)
dried leaves
2-3 alcohol inks, colors of your choice

  • paint edges of wood black or brown

  • paint front of scrap wood cut to saying size with white paint

  • spread a thin layer of clear caulk on one side of your board with an old gift card

  • center fabric on board, cut edges flush to board

  • if you're using a scrap piece of wood, sand edges with sanding block

  • paint the front side with white acrylic paint (let dry)

  • stamp muslin with black StazOn ink with favorite saying

  • using clear caulk, spread very thin layer over scrap piece just covered with white paint & center stamped muslin, lightly press down

  • when dried, paint edges black or brown

  • lightly tint the word saying with Ranger's Distress Inks; I used Wild Honey & Vintage Photo
  • working with spoon, hammer flat or leave curved

  • drop small amounts of alcohol randomly on spoon, dabbing with sponge if too much drops

  • wrap spoon with beads on wire

  • using small piece of excess fabric, wrap around spoon, tie & trim ends

  • arrange dried leaves in place
  • trim edges with black baroque trim
When you've decided if your piece is going to hang landscape or portrait, hammer in the hanger on the back of your wood.

Now you're ready to arrange all your pieces & adhere to the fabric background!
Use Beacon Adhesives Quick Grip to adhere all the elements.

Every Fall I go for a nature walk where I pick up the most beautiful leaves to dry! Press them between book pages & leave to dry for several weeks. Store flat in tubs & you'll always have dried flowers/leaves to add to your artwork.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Ronnie. I like the black baroque trim you added as a border. It just completes and sets the project off!! Everyone enjoyed RCS Taste of Art Day and thanks for the project you shared.
Alice L. (mystampingfriends)

Cathy Emerson said...

God gives us such good gifts. To you he gave you some wonderful gifts. Talent being one of them,with each piece you make it a delight to someones heart..

pat moyers said...

This is beautiful. Love the addition of the died leaves on the project. Pat

Subriagirl said...

Thanks Alice! I love using the baroque trim on everything! Adds such class I think.

Cathy, thank you for such a lovely compliment. I try my best to use my art to help heal others when I can. Just made a pendant for Chyanne Scott's mom for her birthday which she doesn't know she's getting. It's a picture of Chyanne standing for the first time with the aid of leg braces. It was one of the last few photos of her & her mom together before she died. It turned out very pretty & I hope she loves it as much as I loved making it for her.

Pat, I LOVE using dried leaves/flower petals in my artwork. Love the "natural" feel it gives.