Saturday, October 23, 2010

Burlap Tattered Flowers

I was blessed with about $150.00 worth of burlap last week and was determined to make something out of them & quick. Okay, so I only used a tee tiny portion of the burlap I was given but hey, it's just THE beginning!

So the story unfolds:

About 1:30 am I awoke with this great idea to make burlap flower pins! like I did with the denim. But you know how messy & stringy burlap can be! As not to lose the thought, I immediately went outside with the dogs to the trunk of my car where the burlap was still hiden safely from a husband who thinks I have way too much stuff already, where I cut about a 1/2 yard from each color.

Inside I go, dogs in tow. I cut each piece of burlap into 6" x 8" sections, neatly stacking the pieces. It's getting close to 2 am now but the great idea is still there. I get a square plastic bowl & pour some Aleenes Tacky Glue diluted with water. Each burlap 6x8 in piece gets a soak in the mixture. Ball up & wring out excess glue/water mixture. Each wet burlap piece is then placed on parchment paper to prevent sticking. After an hour, the pieces are put in front of a fan (ok, so I was impatient....after all it IS the wee hours of the morning) to finish drying.
The pieces dried fairly quickly but I made SURE the burlap pieces were good & dry. When dry, the burlap is stiff & workable for the project I'm using it for. Using the Tattered Florals from Sizzix, each piece is cut into flower sections. Here's all the flowers I created from the pieces of stiffen burlap.
Then the layering begins. I alternated between the dark brown & tan tattered florals.
Using a Crop-a-Dile, cut a center hole in each flower. Insert a brad or add a pretty button.
And here you have it! My very first burlap Tattered Florals! Ready to wear to church tomorrow!


Amy said...

Love it! I'm a pin girl myself. Wouldn't these look so cut ON denim?!

Amy said...

By the way, still Amy Wake. All the Amy's on here are me right now.

pat moyers said...

ok so only crafty people are awake at these hours of the day. But look what beautiful things are created!!!! I enjoy looking at what you have made but I will be doing it at appropriae times!!!

michelle lockett said...

You are creative love the pin

Anonymous said...

Very nice work! I have to laugh, I hide stuff in my trunk too because my husband THINKS I have enough supplies and don't need to be buyin more!