Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's All About the Numbers

It's all about the NUMBERS!

I've always loved creating with numbers & time elements so you can imagine the fun I had with this piece.

If you know me well, you know how I love creating my jewelry pieces symetrical so this necklace kept me challenged to work asymetrical! I love the overall look of this necklace. The pieces for this necklace were collected from all around me. I cut up an ordinary wooden ruler, aging it with Ranger Distress Inks.

Here is a watch face I gutted to make lighter for wearing but glued the numbered faceplate in place. Misc beads were used, heck what's a necklace without beads? The metal numbers were drilled top & bottom to add jumps to string. Vintage silver & antique chains were added for interest.
Here I used small game pieces that I drilled a hole through in order to string. On the ruler is a paper ruler adhered to the wooden ruler section. Using a Crop-a-Dile, I punched my holes & set my eyelets in the ruler for a finished look.

From the ruler section hangs a Vintaq brass plate with vintage bingo game marker glued to it using Beacon Adhesives, Quick Grip. Again, I really like the way this piece turned out. This piece was inspired from a necklace I saw while flipping through a bead magazine & my love for numbers.


tricia said...

I love it!! I know how hard it is to work to work asymmetrical. It must be the graphic designers in us. I am the same way.

Mary Ann said...

How do you find the time. These pieces are absolutely fab. I am so jealous for I have too much on my plate right now for art.
Love ya,
Mary Ann

pat moyers said...

How totally unlike so much of your other work. The assymetrical design really is impressive

Subriagirl said...

Trisha & Pat....this necklace went totally against the grain. I found myself trying to "correct" it. haha

Mary Ann, who sleeps anymore? Was up at 1:30 am giving glue baths to burlap! But then again, I'm not getting married soon like you are!! So much for YOU to do!