Friday, February 4, 2011

From CA to TN in 3.5 hours!

WOW.....what a trip!

Left Memphis last Thursday to arrive this Wednesday.....70 degree weather in LA.... 23 degrees when we landed in Memphis...... WELCOME TO TENNESSEE!

The winter 2011 CHA show was awesome as always. Enough new things there to throw anyone into a tailspin! Met so many new people and learned so many new techniques. Can't wait to get started on a few of them!

A few highlights!

Figueroa: Our hotel was the best stay ever. It was an artist's palette. Will post pics of it.

Starbucks: Less than a block from our hotel, a simple walk to get all hyped for the walk to the convention center. Tim Holtz, being the gentleman he is, held the door open for Barbara & I one morning.

CHA: Big show, overload on eye candy! Booth after Booth of eye candy!

Classes/New Techniques: will post tidbits on them as the days go by.

New Friends! Lots to post there!

The Pantry: Oh the stories there!

Wolfgang Puck: Wonderful stories to tell here!

Now to finish unpacking & putting away new goodies!

Be watching in the next few days for stories/pictures of our CHA trip!

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Bea said...

hope you rnjoy playing with your new goodies