Saturday, February 12, 2011

Legacy Road "The Dreams Lives On"

Yesterday while at the WestStar Working Woman's Conference in Martin, TN I had the great pleasure to listen to Dr. Danny Nicholson. What a powerful & life altering guest speaker! I for one am on a journey to make my life mean something long after I'm gone. I currently volunteer items for those in need: WRAP, RIFA, AIM, Dolly Parton's Imagination Library and the list goes on. Will the recipients remember me? No, of course not. But the donations made will have helped someone eat another meal, be able to dress with dignity after being raped, read books every month until the age of five, have a Christmas complete with a dinner & Christmas tree.......etc. Most importantly, I am a STARS teacher in which I teach young girls the ways of God. Leading little souls to the Lord I must confess is my greatest joy in life. People around me think I burn the candle on both ends way too often.......YES, I do. Life is TOO short not too. My aim in life is to make my life mean something to someone else, no matter how large or small an impact. Dr. Danny Nicholson made me realize that what I am doing really does MEAN something to those it helps. Sometimes we go through the motions without really thinking about becomes second nature. I thank you Dr. Nicholson the reaffirmation. The following message comes from Dr. Nicholson & his family. Please visit his website to learn more on what YOU can do to fill your life to the fullest!

Legacy Road "The Dream Lives On"

What will you be remembered for? What do you love, value, and stand for? Will your life make the world a better and more peaceful place to live?

The choice is yours... the road never ends. It's a road that we can choose to follow in life that is made up of our faith, family, and friends. The true meaning of each moment on this road can be captured when we listen to our hearts and reach to our children, to our friends in need, to a stranger on the street. Legacy Road invites each human being to live a life that answers these questions with a sense of conviction and courage.

"Believing in Angels and yet seeing none, borrows their wings and sets off down that road of adventure to meet his fate that lies at the end of that road."

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