Friday, February 18, 2011

Alexa's Jewelry Designs!

Tonight I have the pleasure of having my niece's little/big girl for a night full of creating.

Alexa is 8.5 years old but already she is a NATURAL at designing her jewelry. After I picked her up at school, we headed to Hobby Lobby. There I had her pick out 2 sets of beads she'd like to make into earrings. The decision was tough as the sparkly beads all hung there as if candy ripe for the taking. After careful thought, Alexa picked out the two she loved best.
Green Panda glass lampwork beads were an immediate selection......
After showing her how to load a headpin (YES, she knows the difference between a headpin & an eyepin now) she laid out her beads on a beading mat. After moving the beads around she found a design that pleased her. Headpins were loaded.....all I did was cut & form the loop so she could string on her necklace chain/cord. What are earrings without having a necklace to match?
The second design was a tad harder. She had to pay attention to the glass bead formations to make sure each were the same & would match when she put them on.

We also worked on a bracelet but the Glossy Accent by Ranger hasn't hardened yet so it will be tomorrow before it's picture is taken. Alexa chose a beachy theme for that one....

Alexa is a natural at jewelry designing! I see a future in it for her. Tonight after supper, we'll work on a flower bottle cap complete with magnet so she can wear it with a necklace I presented to her earlier this past year.

It is super FUN creating with Alexa!! She can't wait to show her designs off to her mama in the morning!


Anonymous said...

What a fun night!! Thank you! I know she is having a great time! And she has a wonderful teacher for jewelry design!! You are the best! Love ya! Laura

Carol said...

Love what she made and you can tell she really enjoyed it!

Carol Heppner

Chris said...

with an aunt like you why wouldn't she be a natural? Her designs are so neat and I know how much fun it is to learn from you.