Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Crepe Paper Flower Tutorial

Crepe Paper Flowers

Our monthly Artistic Stampers club always ends their business meetings with a Demo.  Tanya Green was on July's demo hostess......and she found this gem.  Crepe paper is abundant in most dollar stores and comes in a wide range of colors.  In the picture above I've chosen these to begin with.


Crepe paper
Aleene's Tacky Glue
Elmer's school glue
1" Circle punch
Scrap piece of cardstock
Wire cutter (for cutting shanks off buttons)

Fan fold into 3" sections until you have a total of 10 sheets folded.
You can use 8 sheets but I like a fluffy flower!  Either way, both will look marvelous!
Cut into a m, keeping all papers stacked as shown in picture above.

Puddle the Elmer's glue on a paper plate. With crepe paper petals lightly pinched together, roll the tip of the petal into the glue.  A LITTLE goes a long way, lightly roll the petal top edge on the glue's surface.
Do not DUNK!

With your glitter poured into a small container, coat the glue with glitter.

Set aside to dry. Repeat with remaining petals.

Here I have all my petals drying on my non stick craft sheet.

DRIED and ready for the real fun to begin!
Here I've cut my 1" circles and I'm ready to roll!

With the TACKY glue, lightly tip the straight edge (end NOT glittered) into the glue.
Notice my 1" round piece of card stock in the background?  This is the base the flower will be built on.

Wha LA, first petal done!

Second petal done.

All 5 petals in place.
Now repeat with a second layer, alternating your petals over the lower petals.

Here's a white flower with lavender glitter.

The center of the flower has a dab of tacky glue in it and topped off with a pretty button.
I have THOUSANDS of buttons as I'm sure most of you do too......
so get to choosing the perfect flower center!

A purple button for the center of my white flower.

My favorite color is you know I had to make one using my favorite color!

Another shot of the flowers set a side to let the centers dry.
I love the way these turned out......each flower has it's own personality! 

Now, should you decide to create your own crepe paper flowers, I'd LOVE to see them!!

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