Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sammy: Fierce Mole Hunter


As I left work Monday evening, there was a "hint" of rain in the air.  I usually head home & let the pups out for a little dead end cove investigating but this evening bought about a different adventure.

Upon arriving home from work, I drive past the yard to see these long jagged lines of dirt pushed up.  Yep, you got can't miss the masterpiece of a mole hard at work!

As IF Sammy didn't realize: the mole trail started WITHIN his fenced in area.  Sammy fell down on MOLE PATROL!  But you can see, he's alert and listening intently to any sounds he might hear just under the top layer of dirt.  Meanwhile Van goes after a mole you don't DARE mess up Van's yard!

Oh no!  Sammy heard something & a diggin' he starts!  Now I know the mole does a lot of damage but I couldn't get myself to stop Sammy's DAMAGE!  He is a huffing in the hole, biting & tearing at Bermuda grass roots that happen to get in his way. Just above Sammy's head you can see the mole trap Van placed just a few minutes before this picture was taken.  Soon the yard, after a Sammy dig, looked like this!

##BAM## the Mole trap went off.  Sammy raced over to it.  Sammy had, by digging along one of the trails, run that dang mole past the mole trap.....thus tripping it.

Sammy ran over to me and then back to the trap.  He KNOWS what this trap does and he's anxious to see his part of the catch!  I pull the trap out of the ground, complete with mole attached, as Sammy jumps up & bites it several times as if claiming it as HIS catch.  He's a proud "hunter" and excited to still be trying to BITE it as we walk over to show Van the catch of the day.

By now I have TWO strutting males!!
Sammy looks away as if his daddy is stealing the highlight of HIS catch.  Sammy's not wild about a camera aimed at him......for that matter, ANYTHING aimed at him!

By now Van had just finished mowing the yard.  He beat the rain! Both take time out to pose for a picture. Here's my two boys!!    Both doing their parts to keep the yard looking nice.  Only thing that would be better is for Sammy to CATCH the mole before the mole does so much damage!  But that's my boy!

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