Sunday, July 21, 2013

To Paint or Not to Paint

I was asked by a an employee at work if I could paint the names of a newly married couple on a large canvas painting in a nice font.  Of course wanting to help him out I said "yes".  When he brought me the canvas was huge!  What if I messed this up?  There wasn't much of a way to recover if I slipped up.  Needless to say I was sweating bullets on this task.

To help reduce the "mistake" factor, I looked through thousands of fonts before settling on the one I used.  Printed it off on copy paper, used a craft knife to carefully cut out each letter & number. Put the paper on the canvas and colored in with pencil the exposed areas.  Removed stencil, backed away from the canvas to check for centering & leveling of the letters.  I was pleased.

Placing a book beneath the canvas I carefully painted the penciled areas with black paint.  This was very nerve wracking!  Hard to cover up a black mark on such a white area!  I keep on, needing an assistant to wipe the perspiration from my face as I carefully leaned over the canvas to finish what I had started.

Slowly I crept.....uh, painted.  Wipe please!!!

Whew!  I finished without a mishap!

Ta Da!  Finis!  My customer was pleased as punch that something they bought was personalized to make it extra special for the newly married couple.  This piece was to be placed over the couch in their living room as a focal point.

Ok, I'll settle for not-so-nerve racking jobs in the future please!

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becky said...

What a kewl thing! I love the technique that you chose to accomplish getting the names on the canvas. This looks fantastic and knowing your attention to detail I bet it is perfect. I am sure that they will enjoy this for years to come!