Saturday, July 6, 2013

Blueberry Hill

Ok, perhaps I'm thinking of a song since I don't have a hill of blueberries!  OK, so I have 2 bushes, one of which is the main blueberry giver.  For about 2 weeks, I pick a gallon of blueberries off one bush every other day!  Now that's whole alotta blues!  Sammy, my fur-kid, is my faithful blueberry side kick.

After a heavy rain last night the blueberry bushes were full of water so needless to say I had a natural shower while picking those blue gems!  Picking was just a tad slower this morning with my left hand having gone through surgery on Wednesday.......but those blueberries wait for no one!  They gotta be picked & picked they got before the sun peeked it's hot head out from behind the scattered clouds.


Just after picking this is what I get.  Ok now, I know you see some pinkies in this batch but a night spread on a paper box lid, they ripen right up!  When the blueberries are wet, it's hard to tell which ones are pure blue.......but if I don't pick them the birds will!

This morning while picking blueberries cars drove up & down the street. You got it, a neighborhood yard sale!  Thank goodness they didn't look to close at what I was doing......cause it wasn't pretty!  I don't dress to impress when picking blueberries.  haha  My neighbors across the street were hard at work selling their I decided to cook up a little treat for them. 

Blueberry muffins sounded easy & oh so good at that off I went into the kitchen.  Now most folks think I can't cook.......but I keep them fooled!

Into the batter the blueberries went.  My they looked so good!  Of course I put more blueberries in that the recipe called for.  :-)  Getting muffin papers out, I got the batter all dished out evenly into each muffin tin. 

A little sprinkle of sugar to add a sweet touch to the crust.  Into the oven they go!  About 15 minutes later this is what I got out.  Oh the smell of my kitchen.  My dogs got excited at smelling food! 

To the above picture I added a pat of butter and trotted over to Robert & Linda's house where they were hard at work selling items at their yard sale.  I went in the front door and surprised Linda with the blueberry goodies. 

The best part of raising organic blueberries is sharing them with my friends!

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