Saturday, November 9, 2013

90th Birthday Celebration

There are some moments in time I wish I could hold time still.  Today was one of those moments.  My precious father-in-law is turning 90 years old November 13, 2013.  We had a party for him at Barnhill's Buffet House in Jackson.  In the private room, 30+ family & friends gathered to celebrate this milestone birthday for James Dewey Goff, Sr. 

This is just a short version of today's birthday celebration.  As with all celebrations, some things don't go as planned.....and yes I had a little set back.  I used my good camera to take pictures of everyone who attended today's event.  But apparently the SD card I used had some corrupt areas on it.  I lost 20 precious pictures that I can't possibly replace.  I will be asking everyone there if they took pictures in an effort to replace what I lost.  Even with this loss.....the event was captured in time and so here goes!
My neighbor, Stephanie McMurry, goes to visit Mr. Goff once a week to get him out of the room & attend events in Maplewood Nursing Home that he wouldn't ordinarily attend. Steph had to be out of town during Mr. Goff's birthday, but her presence there was felt & her gift to him was a smashing success.  As with us all....there are just times when we eat that the food doesn't always hit our mouths.....yes, I said it.....and you know it!  haha.  In order to have her friend attend his 90th birthday in style, she created a TUX BIB for him to wear.  Complete with silk tie & pocket hankie!  Thank you Stephanie!  You rocked this party!!

Mr. Goff's Tux Bib caught more than a few spills.  haha..... and he was very grateful as he was wearing a new shirt!  Mr. Goff was surrounded with his grandchildren & even great grandchildren!

This family with Mr. Goff is so precious to us.  Pat are a living doll!  Her brother & sister, Ricky & Dianne are seen here with Pat's daughter, Georgia.  Pat & Georgia drove from Atlanta, GA just for this that just some AWESOME FOLKS!!  We love you all.

Mr. Goff was so fortunate to find love the first time around with Mrs. Willie Mae Tucker.  She passed away about 10 years ago.....  When JD was in the third grade he grew up with a little girl named Louise.  I'd love to hear the whole story!  (pssssttt, Pat....when you're ready to tell me, I'm ready to listen!)  Ms. Louise's husband passed away too.  JD & Louise's paths crossed and a new love formed.  You're blessed to find love once.....but twice?  Doubly BLESSED!  Here JD & Louise shared a kiss (we kids always make a big fuss about them doing which they will look at us & say we're jealous... :-) ......  This brought tears to more than a few of us in attendance. 

JD & Louise


Louise & Carlton:  my lovely parents.

My son, Jason, photo bombing this picture.  haha. 
Mr. Goff sharing a tender moment with Caroline Cantrell.
My second sister, Teisa Cambell Womack.  Teisa was a valued employee of Goff's Lock & Key for years.  She is a precious soul & I count her as one of God's blessings to my life.  I love ya girl.

The tears came on as Teisa & mom (Louise) met & hugged again after so many years apart.  Her beautiful daughter Lisa is on the right.  Lisa was born when Teisa worked for us and we watched her grow up for awhile.  Lisa will be graduating high school May of 2014!  Suddenly I'm feeling very old!!

These two lovely ladies are my pride & joy.  Aren't they just beautiful?
On the left is my son's girlfriend, Kim Howell......loving this picture of her!
To the right is my beautiful daughter, Jamie Cantrell......who without her help I couldn't have pulled this event off! 
Another beautiful couple I'd like to thank are Pastors, Linda & Joel Pledge. With their help we were able to transport Mr. Goff to & from this event with such ease.  THANK YOU! 
Thank you to all our family who attended and the dear friends who went out of their way to come & support us.  We love you all.  Thanks to Dawn Lenard for creating the most beautiful cake... it was perfect for the occasion & surpassed my every expectation!

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