Wednesday, December 17, 2014

ONE Year Anniversary: Dec. 17

Every story begins with: Once Upon a Time.........December 17, 2013/2014

Oh how to begin this this is the 4th time deleting & beginning yet again.  Our beautiful little long haired chihuahua, Subria, passed away after 14 loving years of friendship. Sammy, our handsome male dog we've had since he was a pup, mourned Subria death terribly. I never realized just how deep dogs can mourn until I saw it in person.  We knew he needed a playmate.

My precious Subria
I had always heard about Bernie Berlin, but never thought I'd actually meet this angel in person. She's uber talented in areas from writing books, beautiful Faberge eggs, Artist Trading Cards, mixed media artist, etc.  Like I said, Bernie is uber talented!  While at an Art is You Retreat in Nashville I had the pleasure of meeting Bernie and touring her rescue sanctuary, A Place to Bark.  As we toured the grounds, met the dogs & cats, saw the medical room, the compassion flowed out of Bernie as she cares & loves on the animals. I knew that day, I would support Bernie in any way I can.

Sammy helped pick out his playmate.
Shortly after Subria died I contacted Bernie to see about adopting one of her rescues. I checked around our area but couldn't find just the right one to join our family.  We didn't want a puppy as we wanted Sammy to have someone to play with right away.  After connecting with Bernie (takes a while as she's a very, very busy woman) we drove to meet up with Bernie.  At a vets office we met several dogs. Sammy met them as well, after all, it was going to be his playmate so he had a big part in helping pick out a mate.  We met several dogs but one stood out above the rest.  A funny striped face little girl. She was approx. 4-6 yrs old and would be fully able to handle Sammy at play.  

Meeting up with Bernie during a vet visit.
 Bernie selected Viva from a high kill animal shelter a day or so before she was to be put to death. She found out later after testing Viva tested positive for heartworms. You see, Bernie doesn't just select healthy young puppies all the time, she saves those who look to her to be saved. This is hard on Bernie's heart, to pick some knowing those she leaves behind will die. But one person can only do so much. It's donations from everyone that add up to pay the vet bills, etc.

Viva in my arms for the 2.5 hour drive home.
Viva was nervous. She was taken away from what she had learned to be home by total strangers. Bernie kept trying to tell me that Viva had this really cute little prairie dog stance...

Viva prairie doggin it.
Yes!!!  Bernie said as she saw this picture of Viva doing just what she said she could do but wouldn't in front of us at the vets office.  I might add, she KNOWS this works for so many good tasty treats!

Modeling one of my doggy ties.
Yes, again & again this stance gains her treats
As I stated before, Viva uses this stance on a regular basis.  ha

This little gem is a cuddle bug & a half!  It's very hard to get up when this is what you see laying next to you. But alas, we to get up.......with a groan or two (from us both).

Viva officially is heartworm free!  Heartworm can be easily prevented but due to neglect sadly heartworms exist and is a slow death to animals who are not treated.  All due to an infected mosquito bite. One preventative tablet once a month is all it takes to prevent this from happening.  I don't know what Viva's past was like but dogs, thankfully, live in the present.  They are able to forgive the unforgivable in most cases.  They love with all their body.  Sadly due to animal owners not spay & neutering their dogs/cats, unwanted litters of animals are born to suffer, many times at human hands. I deeply admire people like Bernie Berlin who takes it upon herself to make a DIFFERENCE in the lives of animals who would have been put to death simply because no one cared.

If you get a chance, please support an animal rescue. They need help badly as most are not funded except by those who care enough to donate.  If you would like to donate to "A Place to Bark" please do so. Your donations makes it possible for Bernie to save lives.  It's best way we can help.

From this day until Dec. 31, whatever you donate will be matched!
Whether a little or a lot, every amount matters to the lives without a voice.

I'll love my little rescued Viva & give her the best life possible until her time with us is done. I can't picture a life without this precious creature. Bernie, you have a piece of my heart always.....with every beat of Viva's heart, I thank you. Without YOU it would indeed be a sadder world to live in.

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