Thursday, January 31, 2008

Life is a BLUR

Life is a blur right now! CHA is fastly approaching. Got to have all my items ready for traveling by this Sunday..... I still have a week to work on the smaller items for the front of the display. Things I can easily pack in a suitcase. Been wondering what I can do on the planes! I used to take projects to work on (my hands never sit idle) but with home security being what it is now, even a simple water foundain pen becomes a nightmare for those who have to search. sigh. I will come up with something! I'll be flying with Roxi Phillips (trouble with a capital T) so this should prove interesting. Will be bunking with Roxi & Candice......oh dear, I am in for a delightful trip!

When CHA is over, I'll be posting a lot of the things I've been working on so hard in the past few months. I've done a lot of stamping with Artistic Outpost images......mostly WEARABLES. Can't wait to post those images!! Get some of these items submitted throughout the magazine world.

Ok, back to my beauty sleep.......awl well, a girl can DREAM anyway!

Get creative,


Michelle W said...

I am sure that you 3 will find some kinda of trouble while in CA. Maybe it is a gooe thing that Larry is going to be close by.

Best of luck and have fun.

I sure wish I was going with you guys.

Robyn Phelan Sharp said...

Seriously....have fun...good luck, and I hope you get lots of offers with cash in hand...or at least bring home some swag.