Saturday, March 7, 2009

Snow in West Tennessee

Yep, it snowed in Jackson, TN! The beautiful blizzard the night before produced at least 6-9 inches of snow. It's been one of the most beautiful snows we've had in a very long time.
My poor little Subria kept sinking in up to her chin making it hard to walk..... Her pink jacket kept her little back warm but did little for her little feet! Bless her little heart.
Sammy on the other hand, LOVED the snow. Here is a picture of him & Van playing catch! He loved biting the snowballs & looking at the pieces as they fell, then ducking his muzzle under the snow as if looking for the pieces. So funny! Sammy LOVED running & loping like a deer through the field close to the house. Caught him on video as well.
Here's a picture of Subria & I. Her little feet couldn't take anymore cold so mama to the rescue!
We have a bluebird house fastened on our deck. Mama & Daddie are getting it ready for their spring babies. Now if we can just keep the sparrows out of it! Look real close, and you'll see mama bird inside the box!
A lasting memory........footprints in the snow. These are Subria's footprints in the snow. Little & petite. Gone now, but these pictures say it all.
We loved the snow that visited us in West Tennessee!

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